Album launch Dec 3rd @Foundry616

Wow! What a great night it was for the album launch...
Jo Fabro and Ben Hauptmann sang and played beautifully and the "seamless" use of the loop pedal by Ben was pretty incredible.
The crowd felt totally engaged throughout our set and it really was a joy to make music with Dave and Max on a beautiful piano, in a great room. The sound that Greg pulled on stage also helped us to feel super comfortable and allowed us to just be able to relax and play freely, which is exactly what we love to do :)
Thank you if you were there digging the sounds, would've been a bit lame without you, and thank you if you're listening now on the interspacewebs :) Thanks to Peter and the crew at Foundry, and to Roger and team at the Cranbrook Recording Studio. Can't wait for the next one! Yieww! Nick.

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  • Kate

    Kate Bulli NSW

    Wonderful performance superb CD

    Wonderful performance superb CD

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