Our Story

“Having the right chemistry is the first most important thing for a band.  It’s also the most elusive,” says drummer, Dave Goodman from Trioflight.  

How did the band come together initially?  “Nick Southcott and I will be celebrating 20 years of playing together this year.  He’s one of the very first Sydney musicians I started playing with, even before I left my hometown of Tamworth.  Between us we’ve played with many of Australia’s best-known musical artists, such as James Morrison, Don Burrows, Geoff Harvey, Galapagos Duck, Emma Pask and Darren Percival.  The list goes on!  Nick and I have been talking about getting together again for years now,” Goodman continues, “but we were waiting for just the right bass player to come along and, when we heard Max Alduca, who’s currently studying at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and got to play with him at a jam session last year, we knew we’d finally found our man.”